A year after I had my thyroid cancer operation and the nuclear radiation treatment, I began having pain around my jaw, below and inside my ears.  I couldn’t eat without feeling pain.  Every time I ate, I would feel a surge of, sometimes unbearable, pain.  I had no idea what was going on.

I went to see my endocrinologist.  After my examination, my doctor told me that my salivary glands have “shut down.”  My mouth was dry and saliva was not secreting from my salivary glands.  My face was swollen and painful.

My doctor made an appointment for me with an Otolaryngology specialist who saw me the next day.  He thoroughly examined me and, by applying pressure, helped my salivary glands produce saliva.  He relieved my pain for a while.  The doctor told me there was no cure for my infliction, because it was due to the nuclear radiation treatment that I received.  He proscribed antibiotics which he said would help me, but the pain could come back.  As the pain returned, I was proscribed antibiotics over and over again, but the pain continued to come back.

My friend and customer, Dr. Thuy Nguyen came to the bank one day and asked me how I was feeling.  I mentioned to her that I was having some health issues and felt a bit depressed.  I explained to Dr. Nguyen what had occurred and that I was told I may have to live with this condition.  She said she could help me using Laser Acupuncture.  She eased my worry by explaining that the treatment would not hurt.  I made an appointment.

The next day, Dr. Nguyen gave me the first treatment to stimulate the nerve associated with my infliction.  During the treatment, I could feel the secretion of saliva.  I had two treatments that week and went on vacation for ten days.  When I returned, I began to feel the pain return.  I visited Dr. Nguyen again and she explained that I will need to see her at least two times a week for the treatment to last.  Because of obligations at work and at home, it is difficult to find the time to go for my treatments.

To help me, Dr. Nguyen offered to see me on my lunch breaks which made it easier on me. Since then I have had several treatments, but have not needed to return for the past three months.  I feel wonderful!  I have no need for antibiotics or any anti-inflammatory medication. I will go back for more treatments with Dr. Nguyen to make sure that the condition will not return.  I am healthy and without pain thanks to Dr. Nguyen.

~ Olga B.

My mother has suffered with pain for years. She is battling breast cancer, early onset of dementia and recently had a stroke. She was placed on an oxygen machine and everything just seemed to be getting worse. It was then that Dr. Nguyen was recommended to me by a friend. I can truly say her Far Infra Red therapy and holistic treatment has given my mom a second chance at life. Dr. Nguyen truly cares about her patients and the staff goes above and beyond.

~ A.F.

As a male in my late 20’s, I started noticing my hair thinning quite rapidly and the though of being completely bald before my thirtieth birthday was causing me severe depression. After endless online research, which resulted in purchasing and experimenting with a variety of over-the-counter shampoos, topical ointments and vitamin supplements that promised hair growth, I hesitantly gave up trying to fight off the male pattern baldness that I was destined for. I could no longer afford the tremendous costs especially when I was seeing little to no results.

About a year and a half ago, my parents friend highly recommended visiting Nguyen Plastic Surgery for a consultation in regards to herbal treatments as well as scalp acupuncture. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first, but my parents friend had been going there for treatments and she saw great results after losing most of her hair due to an illness. With my last attempt at trying to fight off MPB, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose at this point except a little more hair!

My first few visits at Nguyen Plastic Surgery I had just the herbal treatment and did not notice much hair regrowth but, I did notice less hair falling out. After a handful of visits of just the herbs, I started on the scalp acupuncture to help stimulate the blood in my head that causes hair to regrow, accompanied with the herbal treatment. I was a little scared at first with the thought of needles in my scalp, but the staff was very gentle and their was a little discomfort at first, but definitely not pain. After the first or second time of the combined treatments, I started to notice tremendous hair regrowth in the front of my scalp where I was previously balding. After about 6 to 8 months of combined treatment, I not only see the hair filling in just the front, but now also the back of my scalp. My barber and others commented as well so I knew I was not dreaming.

Being a patient of Nguyen Plastic Surgery for the past year and a half, I continue to make the trip from NYC to Suffolk three or four times a month for the herbal treatments and scalp acupuncture to help maintain the progress that was made in regrowing my hair as well as fighting off MPB (male pattern baldness).

In closing, anyone that is serious about wanting to regrow hair and has been let down by all the expensive over-the-counter products that don’t work, I highly recommend that you give NPS a visit.

~ M.F.

Parent Testimonial

Our teenage daughter, E., received a concussion in her high school gym class while in 10th grade. At that time, we went to the pediatrician, to neurologists, and to eye doctors, all to help improve her temporary vision issues and her ongoing headaches associated with her injury. She was constantly tired, irritable and had migraines that came in clusters and caused her to lose school days due to being unable to think or be pain-free. She would come home from school and go right to bed. It got so she was anxious from the constant worry about getting another headache. There was never anything we could do to break her headaches.

By 11th grade, E. was working hard to maintain good grades, but she was constantly tired and emotionally drained from her constant headaches coupled with the grueling high school demands of an early start time, honors and AP classes and hours of homework. She was getting headaches each week that would often last for one or two days. After trying many western medicine avenues such as over the counter and prescription medications and after having diagnostic tests like MRI’s, we went to Dr. Nguyen.

Dr. Nguyen talked to E. to determine the location and pain level associated with her headaches. She empowered E. by explaining a few possible therapies (acupuncture and neurofeedback mainly).  E. chose neurofeedback.  Over the course of 6 weeks of neurofeedback treatment, we have seen a significant improvement in our daughter. She feels better. She is more cheerful, makes eye contact again, is less tired and irritable, less stressed and most importantly, she has had a significant reduction in the number of headaches she’s had and the length of time that they last. Her thinking seems less “cloudy”. Before the treatment, our daughter was having roughly one headache per week lasting sometimes one or two days. Since starting the neurofeedback treatment, E. has seen a reduction in the number of headaches and the length of time that they last, having had only two headaches in six weeks time, lasting less than one day. The pain associated with her headaches is reducing too. We view this as an improving trend and will continue treatment as needed. E. feels more alert, happier, and more at ease with the pressures of school.

If you have had a child with a concussion or one who suffers from migraine headaches, I strongly suggest you meet with Dr. Nguyen.  Dr. Nguyen’s neurofeedback treatments with E. have already made a big difference in our daughter’s quality of life. We are very grateful to Dr. Nguyen and her professional staff.

~ Christine M.

From my initial breast augmentation consultation to the actual surgery and followups, Dr. Nguyen and her staff were professional, friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. The surgery could not have gone better and my results are fantastic. My confidence level is at an all-time high and I have Dr. Nguyen to thank for that!

~ L.M.

I was recommended to Dr. Nguyen by a friend. I had a lot of shoulder pain and was told she works miracles with lasers and far-infar red therapies.

I was promptly given an appointment time by her very courteous staff and I found the office to be clean and well lit. I found Dr. Nguyen and her staff to be very professional.

I have been seeing Dr. Nguyen on a regular basis and my pain has subsided. I would highly recommend Dr. Nguyen.

~ H.S.

Dear Dr. Nguyen,

Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you have done for me. You are not only a wonderful physician, but you are a kind, compassionate person as well. Thanks to you, I am now on the road to good health and a normal life.

“Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts.

~Marge P.

I have contemplated having a facelift for years. I finally made my appointment for a consult and I am so happy I did. Dr. Nguyen took the time to explain the procedure to me and put my nerves at ease. The office staff was friendly, professional and welcoming. My results are astonishing! I look years younger and am constantly being complimented.

I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen to anyone thinking of having a cosmetic procedure.

~ C.G.