Tattoo Removal

We all have things that remind us of our past. However, there’s nothing quite as obvious as a tattoo.
Unfortunately for many of us, as time passes, we don’t want to be reminded of our tattoo on a daily basis.
Therefore, tattoo removal is a good option for those looking to remove the reminder.

The tattoo removal procedure is fairly straightforward:

  •     Lasers use an intense beam of light to drastically lighten or remove tattoos.
  •     When the ink from the tattoo absorbs the light from the laser it is broken down into tiny fragments.
  •     Within a few weeks, the ink fragments are absorbed naturally into the body.
  •     Most treatments for tattoos do not require anesthetics; however, a local numbing cream can be used.
    – A local anesthetic injection may be available, as well.
  •     Most patients will see dramatic improvement in their tattoos fairly quickly.

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