One of the most popular and most recognized ways of changing your look is by undergoing rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. This surgery is most-commonly used to change the shape of the nose to make it more proportionate or appealing to the client. In other cases, the nose structure itself is changed to allow for better airflow and breathing.

This is a surgery where you are placed under a general or intravenous anesthetic. You will need to take preliminary measures as you would for any other surgery, i.e., being in general good health, not eating for 12 hours prior, etc.

The surgery involves literally reshaping of the nose. Whether it is to remove a bump in the bridge of the nose or to straighten out a deviated septum to allow for better breathing, you need to maintain realistic expectations.

There are a few things you can expect following the surgery:

  • You will have a small stint on your nose to help support the recent restructuring.
  • Swelling will occur as well as bruising. Cold compresses will help eliminate some of the swelling.
  • Pain medication will be administered.
  • Sutures that will disinigrate over time will likely be used, so they don’t have to be removed.
  • Stints and nasal dressing will be removed after approximately 5-8 days.


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