Some men go through life avoiding certain physical activities and intimacy because they are embarrassed about how they look. However, there is no reason you can’t participate in these activities if you undergo a gynecomastia. A fairly routine surgery also known as a breast reduction for men can help eliminate this embarrassment.

Nguyen Plastic Surgery Male Breast Reduction

This condition of overly large breasts in men is common at any age. It can be caused for a number of reasons—heredity, hormonal changes, disease or the use of certain drugs. The tissue itself can be excess localized fat or glandular tissue development. There are cases where it’s only present in one breast and not the other.

If you’re considering whether or not this surgery might be for you, you should weigh the benefits and risks:

  • Overall increased self-esteem.
  • The results will last life-long, assuming you maintain your current weight.
  • Permanent scars will blend with the natural tissues of the chest.
  • There is a possibility of additional surgeries if optimal results are not achieved.


The surgery is performed on a outpatient basis and is administered under a general or localized anesthetic. As with any surgery, you’ll want to ensure that you are in good health and keep your expectations realistic. However, chances are, you’ll be glad you made the decision to move ahead.

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