Onnetsu Far Infra-Red Therapy

Onnetsu Far-Infra-Red Therapy is based on Ancient Japanese traditional healing coupled with modern science. This modality helps to reduce stress and pain (shoulder ache, backache, stomach ache, headache, knee pain, joints pain, muscle pain, etc. ) and improves conditions such as chronic fatique, constipation, rheumatism, skin problems, sports injuries, diabetes, hepatitis, problems in various organs, cancer, stroke and depression. This therapy restores a patient’s self-healing power.

This remarkable Far-Infra-Red Therapy (comfortable heat) is based on 4 scientific theories for health:

1. NASA’S FAR Infrared Ray is the healing vibration energy from sun (8-14 microns of wave).

2. Japanese traditional concept of “degenerated cells (body temperature) are cold”.

3. Dr. Abo’s new immunology. Stronger immunity by balancing Autonomic Nervous System.

4. Using Acupuncture Meridians for flow of blood, lymph and Ki energy.

Because Onnetsu Therapy heals one’s own healing power naturally, it is beneficial in all diseases and chronic health problems without side effects.

Unhealthy conditions will improve dramatically:

  • organ function and illnesses: for example, arthritis, blood/lymph circulation, cold, cancer, diabetes, kidney problems and many more.
  • immune enhancement via the autonomic nervous system
  • physical and mental energy
  • detoxification of heavy metals, drugs and other toxins
  • any physical discomforts
  • aches, pains and stresses
  • natural weight loss
  • reviving youthfulness

Dr. Kazuko holding the Far Infrared Device – a technological breakthrough helping to heal your own healing power without any side effects.

Dr. Nguyen is a Practioner of Oriental Medicine and has studied extensively with Dr. Kazuko Tatsumosa Hillyer, who developed a unique Far Infra-Red handheld device, and the totally non-invasive healing method called ONNETSU THERAPY.

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