We’re all trying to find ways to look younger and feel better about our appearance as we age.
For some of us, the best option is to undergo a surgical procedure to enhance our natural beauty.

As we age, lines on our forehead and at the bridge of our nose, commonly known as frown lines, become more prominent.
For those who want to eliminate these lines and have a more youthful appearance, the brow lift or forehead lift is one option for achieving this desired result.

There are a few items to consider when determining if this procedure is right for you:

Keep in mind that you will experience a certain amount of swelling and bruising for approximately 10 days following surgery.

  • Some patients may also have swelling in the cheek and eye area, as well.
 Following surgery, you must keep your head elevated in order to reduce swelling.
  • Cold compresses will be advised to reduce swelling.
For a short period of time—as the incisions heal—you may experience some numbness and itching.

  • Any bandages used will be removed in one to three days. Sutures are usually removed within seven to 10 days following surgery.

  • Recovery time is generally two weeks, but patients will be advised to avoid vigorous activities for longer periods.

Making yourself look more youthful will likely be something you will appreciate for years to come.

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