Many of us, if not ourselves, have known someone who received constant ridicule over the size, shape or symmetry of their ears. No one wants to receive negative attention, especially as a child. There is a solution. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, as it’s most commonly called, is a safe, effective procedure most commonly used for children.

NPS Otoplasty before after photos

The main purpose of the surgery is to “pin-back” ears, so they don’t protrude so far from the head. Since the procedure is mostly requested by children, it is better to perform the surgery when the children have reached the full size of their ears, around age five or six. Some adults do elect to have the surgery, as well, but it is easier to produce the desired results as a child when the cartilage in the ear is more flexible.

A few facts about the surgery itself:

  • It’s generally done as an out-patient procedure.
  • The surgery takes about two to three hours.
  • The ears will be wrapped in dressing immediately following the surgery.
  • There will be some throbbing associated with the surgery. Therefore, medication will likely be administered.
  • You won’t be able to sleep on your side for about seven days which may disrupt sleeping patterns.
  • Adults or children can return to work or school usually within a week.

Before scheduling the surgery, make sure this is something you want. The desired results should be for symmetrical, less prominent ears, not perfection. As with any surgery, realistic expectations are key to its success.

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