There are several cases of congenital breast problems that include absence of a breast, multiple breasts, severe asymmetry or tubular breasts. All issues can be treated and can consequently obtain a natural look for the patient.

Once the issue of the congenital breast problem becomes obvious, the patient should seek a medical consultation.

The procedure itself to repair the issue may have to wait, but a plan will be put into place. For example, if the breast is altogether absent, breast reconstruction will be the best option. However, in cases where symmetry is not aligned, an augmentation or breast reconstruction can be performed.

As the case with any breast reconstruction, there are certain repercussions that need to be discussed with your doctor before the final decision is made:

  • The original breast will have more sensation and a more natural feel.
  • Incision scars may be present.
  • Inserting saline or silicone implants run a small risk of rupture.
  • Complete recovery will take several weeks and may include some pain, swelling and bruising.

Before you undergo any procedure, ensure that you are in good health and talk to your doctor about what decision is right for you.

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