Parent Testimonial

Our teenage daughter, E., received a concussion in her high school gym class while in 10th grade. At that time, we went to the pediatrician, to neurologists, and to eye doctors, all to help improve her temporary vision issues and her ongoing headaches associated with her injury. She was constantly tired, irritable and had migraines that came in clusters and caused her to lose school days due to being unable to think or be pain-free. She would come home from school and go right to bed. It got so she was anxious from the constant worry about getting another headache. There was never anything we could do to break her headaches.

By 11th grade, E. was working hard to maintain good grades, but she was constantly tired and emotionally drained from her constant headaches coupled with the grueling high school demands of an early start time, honors and AP classes and hours of homework. She was getting headaches each week that would often last for one or two days. After trying many western medicine avenues such as over the counter and prescription medications and after having diagnostic tests like MRI’s, we went to Dr. Nguyen.

Dr. Nguyen talked to E. to determine the location and pain level associated with her headaches. She empowered E. by explaining a few possible therapies (acupuncture and neurofeedback mainly).  E. chose neurofeedback.  Over the course of 6 weeks of neurofeedback treatment, we have seen a significant improvement in our daughter. She feels better. She is more cheerful, makes eye contact again, is less tired and irritable, less stressed and most importantly, she has had a significant reduction in the number of headaches she’s had and the length of time that they last. Her thinking seems less “cloudy”. Before the treatment, our daughter was having roughly one headache per week lasting sometimes one or two days. Since starting the neurofeedback treatment, E. has seen a reduction in the number of headaches and the length of time that they last, having had only two headaches in six weeks time, lasting less than one day. The pain associated with her headaches is reducing too. We view this as an improving trend and will continue treatment as needed. E. feels more alert, happier, and more at ease with the pressures of school.

If you have had a child with a concussion or one who suffers from migraine headaches, I strongly suggest you meet with Dr. Nguyen.  Dr. Nguyen’s neurofeedback treatments with E. have already made a big difference in our daughter’s quality of life. We are very grateful to Dr. Nguyen and her professional staff.

~Christine M.