Patient Testimonial

A year after I had my thyroid cancer operation and the nuclear radiation treatment, I began having pain around my jaw, below and inside my ears.  I couldn’t eat without feeling pain.  Every time I ate, I would feel a surge of, sometimes unbearable, pain.  I had no idea what was going on.

I went to see my endocrinologist.  After my examination, my doctor told me that my salivary glands have “shut down.”  My mouth was dry and saliva was not secreting from my salivary glands.  My face was swollen and painful.

My doctor made an appointment for me with an Otolaryngology specialist who saw me the next day.  He thoroughly examined me and, by applying pressure, helped my salivary glands produce saliva.  He relieved my pain for a while.  The doctor told me there was no cure for my infliction, because it was due to the nuclear radiation treatment that I received.  He proscribed antibiotics which he said would help me, but the pain could come back.  As the pain returned, I was proscribed antibiotics over and over again, but the pain continued to come back.

My friend and customer, Dr. Thuy Nguyen came to the bank one day and asked me how I was feeling.  I mentioned to her that I was having some health issues and felt a bit depressed.  I explained to Dr. Nguyen what had occurred and that I was told I may have to live with this condition.  She said she could help me using Laser Acupuncture.  She eased my worry by explaining that the treatment would not hurt.  I made an appointment.

The next day, Dr. Nguyen gave me the first treatment to stimulate the nerve associated with my infliction.  During the treatment, I could feel the secretion of saliva.  I had two treatments that week and went on vacation for ten days.  When I returned, I began to feel the pain return.  I visited Dr. Nguyen again and she explained that I will need to see her at least two times a week for the treatment to last.  Because of obligations at work and at home, it is difficult to find the time to go for my treatments.

To help me, Dr. Nguyen offered to see me on my lunch breaks which made it easier on me. Since then I have had several treatments, but have not needed to return for the past three months.  I feel wonderful!  I have no need for antibiotics or any anti-inflammatory medication. I will go back for more treatments with Dr. Nguyen to make sure that the condition will not return.  I am healthy and without pain thanks to Dr. Nguyen.

~ Olga B. Belleau